All I care about is my Vodka - Black - B01LBCOSHG
  • Framed Picture with a Quirky Twist!

  • Professionally Printed, Handcrafted, Framed Picture

  • Handcrafted Wooden Frames

  • 100 years light fastness with genuine inks

  • Non-reflective, shatterproof, clear plexiglass

  • Colour:Black

    Each picture is professionally printed onto high quality paper in our superb commercial print shop using state of the art equipment and genuine inks which produce 100 years light fastness.

    Our handcrafted wooden frames are supplied with plastic shatterproof plexiglass, to reduce the overall weight of the frame and increase safety. This glass is non-reflective and highly clear. This makes them ideal around children, pets and clumsy adults.

    Every frame comes complete with hook to hang the frame directly onto your wall.

    We dedicate ourselves to delivering products of the highest quality.

    Frame Size
    • Frame Exterior: 18.3 x 18.3 cm - 7.20 x 7.20 in
    • Frame Interior: 14.4 x 14.4 cm - 5.69 x 5.69 in
    • Material Type: Wood

    All Victorian Print products are stamped with our manufacturers logo to guarantee authenticity, and are protected by manufacturers trademark.

    All I care about is my Vodka - Black - B01LBCOSHG