Handmade Grey Wooden Picture Frame - 30 x 40cm - B06Y1Q4W7Z
  • Handmade Wooden Frame

  • Grey - Wood Grain

  • Plastic Shatterproof Glass

  • MDF Backing

  • Hand Manufactured in the Lake District

  • Frame Size

    Frame Exterior: 42.40 x 32.40 cm - 16.69 x 12.76 in

    Frame Interior: 40.00 x 30.00 cm - 15.75 x 11.81 in

    Moulding Thickness: 1.8cm - 0.71 in

    Mount Size: 2.79cm - 1.1in

    Material Type: Wood

    Style: Plain

    Our frames are supplied with plastic shatterproof glass, to reduce the overall weight of the frame and increase safety. This glass is non-reflective and highly clear. This makes them ideal around children, pets and clumsy adults.

    Also available in sizes: 50x40cm, 40x40cm, A3, 40x30cm, 30x30cm 30x24cm, A4, 10x8", 9x7", A5, 8x6", 7x5", 6x4"

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Every photo frame is hand crafted in our workshop situated in the heart of the Lake District. We dedicate ourselves to delivering products of the highest quality to ensure you and your family have an unforgettable experience with your new luxury living environment.

    Make It Personal

    Can't find what you want? Please message us! We have a large selection of frame styles and colours, that we can tailor to your needs. Got an abnormally size picture? We can provide a frame for it!

    Fast Delivery

    We process and dispatch our orders daily Monday to Friday and always try to ship your item within 1 working day.

    Handmade Grey Wooden Picture Frame - 30 x 40cm - B06Y1Q4W7Z